Prince George Is Being 'Harassed' & It's Freaking Kate Middleton Out

prince george

Well, this is awfully troubling. According to reports, Kate Middleton and Prince William are "taking legal steps" to prevent a particular person from "harassing" Prince George. Buckingham Palace issued a statement on Thursday, saying that, after an incident last week, the Duke and Duchess are seeking "reasonable assurances" after someone "harass[ed] and follow[ed] both Prince George and his nanny as they went about about their ordinary daily lives." Apparently, someone was spotted at a park in London near Prince George, and, as the statement continued, "there is reason to suspect that the individual may been placing Prince George under surveillance and monitoring his daily routines for a period of time."

Placing a 13-month-old under surveillance? Yikes. Talk about terrifying.


Prince George is obviously a -- and I cringe to even write this since he's so young -- "public figure." Being that he'll be the King of England one day, it's understandable that people would want to get a glimpse of him up close and personal. But it doesn't sound like the particular person in question is just a run-of-the-mill looky-loo. Per the Palace, he "has already been spoken to by protection officers about his behaviour in respect of Members of the Royal Family on previous occasions over a number of years." Wow, scary.

In many ways, the Duke and Duchess have it so much easier than everyone else in the world. They're rich, don't have "real" jobs, have anything and everything at their disposal. But, man, having to deal with something like this -- particularly when Kate is pregnant with baby number two -- sounds absolutely awful. They can't keep Prince George quarantined, as that's completely unhealthy, but what parent would ever want to worry about their child's safety on a regular basis? Awful. It sounds like "legal steps" are the right course of action, indeed.

What do you think of this?


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