Charlie Sheen Accused of Pulling a Knife on His Dentist During Drug Rage

Charlie Sheen

Quick, name the craziest celebrity in the history of celebrities LOL just kidding this is not even remotely a contest it’s totally Charlie Sheen. But hasn’t he seemed sort of harmlessly, possibly usefully crazy lately? What with his kooky ice bucket challenge where he swapped frozen water for $10,000 in cold hard cash that he donated to the ALS foundation, his $1 million that went to the USO, and the money he wired to an injured teenager to pay for her therapy dog? Well, the old not-so-admirable Charlie may be back, because he’s currently under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly went berserk in a dental chair during a rock cocaine-fueled rage.

Apparently he was so high he actually pulled a knife on the dentist. At least, that’s what the dental technician is saying ... but according to Sheen, it’s all blown out of proportion and he really only suffered a “bad reaction” to the nitrous oxide he was given.


I’m not sure where to start with this bizarre story, so I’ll just report what’s being said by both camps. According to the dental technician, Sheen was at an LA dental office last Thursday for an abscess when he went nuts in the chair as soon as she tried to place the nitrous mask over his face. He flailed and struck her, and in the commotion — which involved Sheen’s security guard, his “personal dentist,” and an oral surgeon — she left the room and claimed the dentist said Sheen pulled a knife on him. The tech then told police Sheen’s bodyguard had said his boss was high on rock cocaine.  

Sheen’s rep tells TMZ that while he did flail and accidentally knock over a tray during his appointment, the medication he was taking for a shoulder injury combed with the nitrous caused the reaction. His lawyer states,

The story is being made up by this woman [the dental technician] who was fired on Friday for violating HIPAA by telling her son Charlie was in the office. It got back to Charlie and the dentist fired her.

TMZ says law enforcement sources are claiming that the dentist denies the technician’s story, and that there had never been any mentions of drugs or a knife.

Dude, I do not even know what to think about this. The whole “bad reaction” excuse sounds fishy as hell (and familiar: his then-rep famously blamed his 2010 naked/drunk/hooker/hotel room tirade on “an adverse allergic reaction to some medication”), but I guess I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the dental tech wasn’t telling the whole truth. Honestly, when Charlie Sheen is involved, NOTHING is that surprising, except the fact that he visits a dentist at all. I mean, have you seen those choppers of his? Yikes.

What’s your best guess on these accusations against Charlie Sheen? True or BS?

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