Amanda Bynes May Have an Incredibly Disturbing Fake Twitter Account

amanda bynesThe curious case of Amanda Bynes just took a turn from bad to worse -- and completely, totally bizarre. So, you know how a few months back, when Amanda was at her absolute worst, she was tweeting incredibly disturbing messages? The tweets ranged from how hot Bynes thought Drake was to how ugly she thought her dad was. Well, Amanda may be at it again -- only this time she's rumored to be using an alias. It's being reported that Bynes has a fake Twitter account -- @persianla27 -- from which she's been writing messages akin to, well, her old Twitter messages.

It appears that the actress is using the fake account to dispute claims about herself. For instance, when TMZ reported that she was kicked out of fashion school recently, the person behind the account wrote:


There also are numerous other tweets from the account that make it appear that @persianla27 really is a poorly disguised Bynes.


If Amanda isn't the one doing the tweeting, the person behind this account is seriously disturbed. I kind of don't think that's the case, though. It's been reported for some time now that the actress was tweeting from a fake account, so it kind of makes you wonder if she ever was really "okay." She was out of the limelight, under supervision, and off of Twitter, but was she getting proper help? Was she making progress? It seems like in one fell swoop, she was kicked out of school, arrested for DUI, and has a fake Twitter account from which she's writing disturbing messages. That doesn't all happen overnight.

Sadly, at this point it doesn't look like Amanda is going to get better any time soon, if ever. Clearly, she isn't okay being out on her own, but, being that she's 28, her parents can't keep her on lock-down forever. What else can anyone do?

Do you think Amanda is behind this Twitter?


Image via Brock Miller/Splash News

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