Teresa & Joe Giudice Devastated By Prison Sentences

teresa and joe giudice

The last few months have been absolute torture for Teresa and Joe Giudice. After pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud charges, huge prison sentences loomed. Today, the wait is over. Their devastating sentences have been revealed.


After getting a strong tongue lashing from Judge Esther Salas, Joe was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison and an additional 12 months on other charges. The sentences will run concurrently. After he's released, he will serve two years probation and pay $10,000 in fines and restitution of $414,588.90. Hours later, it was revealed that Teresa would be locked up for 15 months.

"For a moment I thought about probation ... but I think a period of confinement is absolutely necessary in this case," said the judge. "I don't honestly believe that you understand or respect the law. I need to send a message. In the eyes of the law it doesn't matter who you are. There are consequences to pay."

In a statement, Teresa said:

My daughters are my life. I'm more sorry than anyone will ever know. I will make this right no matter what ... I'm really scared ... I need to learn to do things for myself. It's time for me to wake up.

Teresa can breathe easy about one thing. She had hoped that the judge would allow Joe to serve his sentence after her release so that the girls could always remain with one parent. That prayer has reportedly been answered. 

Throughout their legal woes, the welfare of her children has certainly been a top concern. Leading up to this, "Teresa tried to keep everything normal as possible for the family," said a source. "She tried not cry in front of her four daughters, but she couldn't help but shed a few tears." And understandably so. This means a dramatic and scary change for the tight-knit family.

It's a situation that is drawing the feisty reality TV star many sympathizers. Though there are plenty to who feel, in the end, the couple got exactly what they deserved.

Do you think this sentence was too harsh?


Image via Teresa Giudice/Instagram

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