Images of Shirtless 'Scandal' Stars Scott Foley & Tony Goldwyn Include Puppies (LOOK)

Scott Foley, Tony Goldwyn

Two of the guys from the hit ABC show Scandal definitely had some female fans fanning themselves on Wednesday, as they both posed shirtless ... with puppies. Just me? Doubt it.

Scott Foley posted a pic of his co-star Tony Goldwyn to his Instagram account, after Goldwyn apparently made fun of Foley for his new ad campaign with Charisma.


As part of Foley's job as the new spokesman for Charisma's Fall/Winter campaign, the 42-year-old was required to roll around shirtless in some soft-looking sheets, with a puppy, because of course with a puppy.

In response, Goldwyn did the only thing a guy friend could do, really. Especially an extremely good-looking guy friend, who may or may not want to get in on the swoon-inducing action. He posed for his own shirtless-with-a-puppy photo.

Foley posted this pic to Instagram, with the caption, "Thanks @Tonygoldwyn for making sure I'm not the only shirtless guy holding a dog. IOU!"


Scandal just returned to the small screen last week, once again blowing open the love triangle between Kerry Washington's character and these two. So many hunks, so little time.

Of course, we may like to ogle these guys, but Washington sort of burst our bubble a little when she admitted that she doesn't particularly enjoy kissing either of them. She recently dished to Ellen DeGeneres about kissing her co-stars, "I don't enjoy either one ... I think they're both lovely men [but] they're equally, um. I don't ... "

I'm just going to assume she said that for the benefit of her husband, because in my fantasy life, both Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn are perfect kissers.

And in case you'd like to see Scott Foley shirtless with a puppy, here's a behind-the-scenes video of his Charisma shoot. The pooch makes an appearance about 20 seconds in. You're welcome.

Are you a fan of hot shirtless guys holding puppies?


Image via Jason Kempin/Staff/Getty Images

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