Jordin Sparks' Ex-Boyfriend Jason Derulo Broke Up With Her in the Worst Way

Jordin Sparks

When news broke that Jordin Sparks and her boyfriend of three years Jason Derulo broke up, we couldn't help but wonder -- what the heck happened? Not only had they been together basically forever (in terms of Hollywood standards, combined with their ages -- she's 24 and he's 25), but just last year, he wrote a song titled "Marry Me" for her. Let's just say we were expecting more of an engagement announcement than news they'd broken up.

They've both said nothing major happened, that they just grew apart, but after listening to an interview with Power 105.1's DJ Envy, I'm growing more and more Team Jordin by the second. Especially after hearing that he broke up with her over the phone.


Of course the topic of Derulo's ex-girlfriend came up, and just in case you were worried that Jordin was left unsatisfied in the bedroom, he reassured listeners, "It wasn't a problem in that area at all." Well OK then. Maybe I'm a prude, but I'm of the firm opinion that gentlemen shouldn't kiss and tell.

He reiterated that the relationship had just run its course. He said again that he hadn't been unfaithful but made sure to point out that he does have women hanging on to him almost all the time. He just can't help it, you guys. He said about the breakup, "Every relationship has their ups and downs, and you know, when you start having more downs than ups, you gotta take a look at your relationship and be like, 'Is this something that I'm supposed to be doing?'"

Then he admitted that he was the one who did the breaking up, and he did it "over the phone" because he "wasn't in town." What a sweetheart.

When the interviewers kept at him, asking what the real reason for the split was, he admitted that he didn't make enough time for her, because the music comes first, and he had the music before he had Jordin, so, you know.

Also he admitted there may have been some expectations for a proposal he wasn't ready to give. What?? How dare a woman in a long-term relationship expect a proposal after her boyfriend wrote her a song about proposing to her? Geez, Jordin, get your priorities right. That song was obviously more about the music, and less about you.

Sheesh. For her part, Sparks seems to be taking it remarkably well. She recently told Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford in an interview, "I'm good, actually ... I read this quote [yesterday], and it said, 'When something unexpected happens in your life, or you think something bad happens, just say 'Plot twist!' and move on.'"

Good for her.

Do you think it's ever acceptable to break up with someone over the phone?


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