Kim Isn't the Only Kardashian Kanye West Had a Crush On

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I have no idea who had the time or inclination to figure this out, but whoever they are, god bless 'em. It's recently been unearthed that an old blog of Kanye West's once named Kourtney Kardashian his "Girl of the Week." As in his sister-in-law. As in awk-ward!

The blog, called Kanye Universecity (now defunct), is from 2008 and the rapper also named Kim his "Girl of the Week" as well, so at least he's got that going for him. I seriously doubt Kanye still has an itty-bitty crush on Kourtney, but man, talk about an uncomfy discovery for all parties involved.


The Daily Mail managed to capture a few screen shots from the blog, and it's safe to say that Kanye couldn't be more different now from how he was then (save for the hefty dose of materialism that's clearly always resided with him). When describing Kim, who he named his "Girl of the Week" before her older sister, he said, "Kim is an American stylist, apparel retailer, and television personality ... She is best known for her social life, and her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians." He also mentioned her siblings and how, at the time, she was dating Reggie Bush.

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I wouldn't be surprised if neither Kim nor Kourtney knows about Kanye's "Girls of the Week" -- who also included Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, and model Kelly Brook -- and if they did, I doubt they care. This is all from waaay back when, before the Kardashians were the Kardashians and before Kanye was Kanye, but it's an interesting discovery nonetheless.

And hey, at least he didn't name Kris Jenner his "Girl of the Week." That would have been truly cringe-worthy.

Do you think Kim or Kourtney know about this (or care)?

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