The 'Twilight' Saga Is Being Revived -- OMG!


Good news for Twi-hards. The insanely popular Twilight saga isn't quite done yet -- well, sort of. The studio behind the Twilight movies, Lionsgate, along with Facebook and Women in Film, are bringing back characters from the series via five short films. Lionsgate will be selecting five female directors to make short films based on characters from Twilight, and the films will be shown on Facebook next year. Kinda cool, right? The project is called "The Storytellers -- New Creative Voices of The Twilight Saga," and yay for more Twilight!


The short films should be good, especially considering that they'll be selected and mentored by a panel of judges, including Twilight author Stephenie Meyer and Kristen Stewart, but let's set realistic goals for ourselves here: It isn't like we're going to be watching yet another installment of the series. (Meyer was offered another one, but opted to pursue other projects.) However, it will be great to see the films' characters again. It's been a while. I wonder how ol' Bella and Edward are doing these days.

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No doubt, it will be interesting to see what they have the characters we've all grown to know and love so well say and do, and it'll be pretty fascinating to see how people other than Meyer view them. But I'm not sure any of us will ever be able to view characters from Twilight in a way differently from how they were first introduced to us. But hey, the more Twilight, the better, right?

Are you excited about this new Twilight project?


Image via Lionsgate

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