Kate Middleton Might Be Pregnant With Twins for Real -- Here's Proof!

Kate Middleton

We probably shouldn't go getting our hopes up just yet, but remember that little rumor flying around saying that Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls?

Yeah, well, there's a bit of crazy evidence that just surfaced that sort of leads us to believe it just might be true, which would be nothing short of amazeballs, people!

OMG. Two. More. Royal. Babies.

(I can't stand it.)


Ok, so here's where the "proof" comes in. Apparently there's been a sudden surge in bets that Kate is expecting twins, which has led to bookies suspending said betting because the people placing the bets might have inside information.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Like, what if somehow a source close to the royals leaked information about Kate's pregnancy? And that made a bunch of folks bet their hard earned money that Kate and Prince William really will welcome two little princes or princesses in 2015?!?

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Supposedly there were 200 bets in over an hour on Monday night, which definitely seems remarkable. Seriously, why on earth would there be an increase all of a sudden if the people placing the bets weren't privy to information leading them to believe they'll get a big payoff?

OMG. I know I'm probably getting a little carried away here, but how fun is it to think about Kate giving birth to royal twins?!? It would be the most exciting thing to happen since, well, Kate and Wills welcomed Prince George into their lives. We can only begin to imagine the level of royal baby hoopla that will take place with two new little ones.

For now, we should probably assume that Kate only has one bun in the oven. But if she suddenly turns up looking MUCH bigger than she did with her first pregnancy?

I'd say all bets are off at that point.

Do you think Kate is expecting twins?


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