10 Reality Stars Who’ve Done Time for Their Crimes (PHOTOS)

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What is it with reality stars thinking they’re above the law? Hello, their every move is documented on camera so we can never believe it when they get caught doing something illegal.

This week, Teresa and Joe Giudice finally find out their fate and how much (if any) jail time they both face for the 39 charges they were indicted on in July 2013, including wire fraud, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, not filing tax returns ... sadly, the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, Teresa and Joe aren’t the only reality stars who’ve had to pay for their mistakes. Here’s a look at 10 others who took a page right out of Orange Is the New Black!


Who is your favorite reality TV bad boy or girl?

Written by Lauren Brown for The Stir.

Image via Eonline.com

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