Amanda Bynes Arrested Again ... Oh Noooooo

Amanda BynesWe haven't heard from Amanda Bynes in awhile, which is a good thing. It means she's staying out of the kind of trouble that made her headline and paparazzi fodder for a couple of years. Until today, that is. TMZ reports that Amanda was arrested for DUI ... and police tell the gossip site that she was under the influence of drugs. It's unclear what kind of drugs, but, oy, Amanda. Not again!!


As well all know, Amanda seemed to have some kind of an epic meltdown last year. She was calling celebrities "ugly" on Twitter. She was taking some seriously scary selfies. She got addicted to plastic surgery and neon wigs. She reportedly tossed a bong out of her New York apartment window. And it all culminated with her lighting a fire in some strange woman's driveway in California while she held on to her little dog.

But then she was committed to a psychiatric hospital, and months later, she seemed to come out a completely different person. She enrolled in fashion school, cleaned up, moved in with her parents, and looked happier and healthier than we'd seen in a long time.

Soooooo this isn't good news. Let's hope she's not relapsing.

Amanda's mom came out and said that all that behavior wasn't because of any schizophrenia diagnosis -- but because she'd been smoking too much pot.

So the last thing Amanda should be is on drugs unless they're prescribed ones.

Amanda was booked for DUI and posted $15,000 bail. But this might be the beginning of more legal trouble for her, as she's already on probation.

Driving under the influence is not only bad news for Amanda, but for everyone on the road!

Well, when you fall off the wagon, all you can do is get back on. Just make sure you don't drive the wagon unless you're sober.

Do you think she's going to slide backward?

Update: Oh noes! TMZ reports that it IS marijuana that Amanda was allegedly under the influence of. The site also quotes a source that says Amanda has moved out of her parents' home and that's when things began going "bad again." Let's hope this DUI is a big wake-up call!

Image via David Tonnessen/JS, PacificCoastNews

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