LeAnn Rimes 'Knows' Eddie Cibrian Is Cheating but Ignores It

LeAnn RimesPoor LeAnn Rimes. She's in quite a conundrum. The poor girl married notorious cheater Eddie Cibrian after their affair broke up both of their marriages ... and now she is stuck with him. I mean truly stuck. Because no matter how much he cheats now, she can't divorce him. Because the whole world will say, "I told you so!!!" And who wants that? So it's a good thing Eddie isn't cheating on her ... or is he? A source claims that not only is Eddie cheating already ... but that LeAnn knows about it.


A source told Star magazine that Eddie sent a text to some "mystery woman" that read:

What time are you picking me up? We are going to meet [in a restaurant] and then take me in your car afterwards because I don’t want to be near her.

But supposedly instead of sending this text to the "mystery woman," he sent it to an acquaintance he shares with LeAnn. Whoever this acquaintance is, it sounds like she won't be pals with LeAnn and Eddie for long, because she says:

I thought it was all a joke at first, but then he never talked to me again.

And somehow it seems she knows the woman, because she claims that Eddie also takes the woman to Mexican restaurants and even was spotted working out with her at a gym. Okay, now that's weird. Who works out with someone he's trying to hide from his wife?

The source also adds:

He was very nervous, like he had been doing something wrong. There are other girls. I hear about it.

The source also contends that LeAnn, far from being oblivious about Eddie's cheating, knows all about it and chooses to turn a blind eye because she is "not somebody who can be alone" and that she wants to start a family and "not ruin her reality show."

All very, very good reasons. (Sarcasm.)

Well, I'm not sure if I buy any of this. I met the couple a few months ago, and they seemed pretty happy. Of course, you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

But one thing is for sure, LeAnn will look like a fool if Eddie cheats and she divorces him -- and the first person to cackle about it will no doubt be Brandi Glanville. LeAnn will probably do anything to avoid that -- and that might include playing "I don't see nuthin'."

Do you think Eddie is cheating?


Image via leannrimescib/Instagram

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