Kristen Wiig & Bill Hader Hilariously Call Out Clueless Reporter (VIDEO)

the skeleton twins

Some of the best aspects of working on the Internet? Remaining relatively faceless and being able to correct one's mistakes immediately. When you work on live TV, sadly -- yet hilariously for the rest of us -- this is so not the case. Take, for instance, Chris Parente, a Denver-based reporter who hadn't seen the movie he was supposed to be talking to the actors about -- and they called him out on it. Yep, starring in The Skeleton Twins, Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig had a huge chuckle over Parente's slip-up, and it's definitely a must-see.

I suppose if one does make a flub as large as this one, it's good to do it with two extremely funny, talented actors, who are able to take it in stride and uncontrollably laugh afterward.

You just have to see their reaction when Parente asks about Wiig's supposed "nude scene" in the film he clearly hadn't watched.


Prepare to cringe along with the rest of us:

Most definitely an interview all three of them likely won't soon forget.

Apparently poor Parente mixed up The Skeleton Twins with Welcome to Me, where Wiig does go full frontal and does win the lottery. Granted, he never did actually admit to seeing the movie and only acknowledged the hype surrounding it, but still. Not the way you go about interviewing someone, dude. Especially since the invention of the Internet.

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You would think Parente would have done a quick google search on the movies as well as the actors before a chat like this one. We would have missed out on this Internet gem, though, so kudos to Parente for being completely ill prepared. And to Wiig and Hader for being such good sports about it all.

Hopefully Parente won't be doing too much of this to himself before his five minutes of fame totally die out:

bridesmaids gif

And no, there are no bridesmaids in The Skeleton Twins either.

What's your favorite on-air whoops you can watch over and over again thanks to the miracle that is YouTube?


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