Robin Thicke 'Mistress' Comes Forward to Confess Gross Details of His Cheating

Holy shizzola, if you thought Robin Thicke had a major case of douchitis, wait until you hear this. Remember how Robin was caught red-handed grabbing the ass of a young, pretty blonde girl he met at the after party for the VMAs? The one where he was twerked all over by Miley Cyrus? It wasn't too long after that that wife Paula Patton, apparently fed up with his shenannies, decided to pull the plug on their 23-year-old relationship (about the age Robin likes his women too!). Now that girl, identified at the time as 21-year-old Londoner Lana Scolaro, says that Robin grabbed a lot more than her tush. A whole lot more! And you won't believe the way it all went down ... so to speak.


Over a year after the incident, Lana is suddenly coming forward to tell more details of that night ... lots more details. She exclusively told Star magazine that not only did Robin get a hand up her butt that night, but his hands were everywhere else too. In fact, she says he grabbed her, brought her to a side room, and had sex with her.

And if that wasn't bad enough, it gets worse.

She then claims that after they had sex, the pair exited the room -- and there was Paula! Lana says that Robin casually introduced the two women. And, ugh, it even gets worse.

Lana says she then shook Paula's hand -- the same hand that had just been on Robin's you-know-what. Gee-ross!!

Lana tells Star:

Robin was just acting totally normal, chatting with the both of us and having a good time. What we just did didn’t seem to faze him at all.

For her part, Lana rather preposterously claims she had no idea he was married and was "mortified" to find that out. Erm, yeah.

Jeez, man, did they even use a condom? This story is so nasty.

But is it suspicious? Why would she wait so long to tell it? She claims she didn't want to upset the relationship while they were together, but now that it seems definitely over, she thought she would tell it. I'm sure there was some money involved, too.

Whether or not these two really had sex, who knows, but you know Robin was up to no good in this marriage or Paula wouldn't have dumped him.

If this story is true, it's just one more reason Paula needs to stay strong and stay away.

Do you think her story is true?


Image via TS, PacificCoastNews

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