Poor Kate Middleton Obviously Still Feels Awful

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For anyone doubting that Kate Middleton is in fact suffering from severe morning sickness -- cough, Camilla, cough -- here's proof that the Duchess really isn't herself these days: On Saturday, Prince William attended the wedding of a close friend without his wife, opting to go to the fete with his brother, Prince Harry, instead. The royal siblings went to the wedding of their close friends, Victoria Inskip and Robert Davies-Jones, and being that the affair was a private one, it's clear that Kate still isn't feeling well since she opted to stay home. 

In recent weeks, the Duchess has received some criticism -- cough, Camilla, cough -- for cancelling her trip to Malta and citing morning sickness as the reason why. But being that she won't even leave the house for her friends' nuptials, I'd say it's pretty evident that she really is ill as opposed to "lazy."


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I can't imagine it's been easy for Kate to have to break the news to people such as the Queen and Prince Charles that she's reneging on commitments she already had agreed to (or that it would be easy to have to break the news to the world that you're pregnant when you're only a few weeks in), so the poor Duchess must really be feeling terrible. And then to hear that Camilla called you "lazy" (even if it's just a rumor) -- oof, talk about being kicked when you're down.

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Hopefully, Kate is on the mend and will be back at her duties soon. I'm sure there's a big part of her that can't wait to get back to "work" -- even if it is simply to shut the naysayers up.

Do you think Kate is being "lazy" by cancelling her royal engagements?


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