Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Booed & Of Course This Is His Reaction (VIDEO)

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may fancy themselves high-falutin', sophisticated fashionistas, but not everyone from the fancy fashion set is a fan of theirs. In fact, some would classify as the opposite of Kimye fans. While attending the Lanvin show in Paris last Thursday, Kim and Kanye were booed (loudly) when they walked into the show late. (Yes, this was the same day Kim was attacked outside of the Balmain fashion show.) The hecklers apparently were photographers who were annoyed that the pair arrived 40 minutes after the show started.

Anyone wanna take a stab as to how Kanye reacted? Check out the video!


Of course Kanye couldn't keep quiet about the boos. And in case you missed it, he was saying, "[Lanvin designer] Alber [Elbaz] asked to see us. Don’t boo us. We’re not late, we’re not late!" I mean, if that was the case, it is a legitimate excuse, but bottom line, they still are responsible for holding up the show. 

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When I first started watching the video, I thought things were going to go much, much worse. I mean, it's Kanye we're talking about. The man's not exactly known for keeping his cool. But after my second watch (yes, I watched it twice), I kinda thought, Why couldn't he just keep quiet? Of course, no one wants to be booed, but fact is they were late getting to their front row seats.

Kim and Kanye have been having a rough run lately. First, he tells wheelchair-bound people to get up at one of his concerts; then Kim gets attacked; and now this. Might be time for the couple to lay low for a bit. Think they're capable of that?

How do you think Kanye handled the situation?


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