Kim Kardashian Posts Photo of Kanye Grabbing Her You-Know-What (PHOTO)

We're sure she's a sweet and funny woman. A good mom, wife, and sister. But let's face it: Kim Kardashian had to know when she married Kanye West that he, like everyone else on the planet, would be focused at least 95 percent of the time on her numero uno asset: her butt, of course.

We can just picture what a typical day in the life of Kim and Kanye must be like. Kanye wakes up. Grabs Kim's butt before kissing her good morning. Keeps his hands on it as she attempts to go about her business -- showering, putting on makeup, feeding North. At around 3 p.m., she gets fed up and yells (playfully), "Kan-YE! It isn't going anywhere, you know! Can you let go of the goods for a minute so I can grab a pumpkin spice latte?!"

Don't believe this actually goes on in their house? Well, Kim posted proof that it just might -- behold, a photo of her man all up on her as they climb down a staircase.


Kim posted this one to her Instagram without a single message of text -- because the photo says it all:

As for what this truly means: this couple is doing just fine. They should be into one another -- all over each other, even. The fact that Kanye is groping Kim shows us he knows darn well he has a good thing and is appreciative of it.

Yes, I realize I just said "it" and that I may only be referring to her derriere right now, but honestly, I think he's into ALL of her. I think.

Now, WHY Kim chose to post this photo -- well, that's another question entirely. Perhaps it was to show the world Kanye is one of the luckiest men on earth? Or maybe just because the photo is kind of cute. And funny. Lots of couples engage in this type of PDA. And if they don't, they should! 

What do you think about Kim posting this picture of Kanye grabbing her from behind?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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