Ben Affleck Has Surprisingly Funny Hidden Talent, Says Co-Star

ben affleckNot only is Ben Affleck going to be our new Batman, he's in Gone Girl. I've had the book for almost a year now and haven't read it yet. What?! I've been busy. I may be more excited for this film than the superhero one, but I will happily watch just about anything with Ben in it.

Recently we all learned about Affleck's talent to count cards in casinos, which landed him in a bit of trouble. But his co-star in Gone Girl Rosamund Pike just revealed another secret talent of Ben's only this one might be more shocking. 


Pike said:

When we first were doing makeup tests I thought, 'This guy could be a standup comedian.' He has characters and impersonations ... accents. He quickly crystallizes you.

"Crystallizes." Wow. I love that use of the word. Rosamund is British so that explains that. Ben Affleck, funny man. I know he's of the awesome variety. There is no denying that I'm a member of his fandom. But impersonations? Accents? Super duper funny stuff, so funny that he could do standup? That's quite a compliment to his talent.

He can make you swoon. And he can make you laugh. He's Batman and he's a funny man. No wonder Jennifer Garner has made babies with the man.

What do you think of Ben's hidden talent? Would you expect him to be that funny?


Image via BxPix/Splash News

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