Justin Bieber Manages to Make Us Love Him Again With One Photo

justin bieberThere was once a time we were all Belibers ... well there were an awful lot of us. But sometime after the breakups and back togethers with Selena Gomez, the questionable sexual exploits, and the on-again off-again moustache, Justin Bieber caused most of us to roll our eyes from just hearing his name. But he has redeemed himself.

I am a beliber once again after seeing this photo Justin posted on his Instagram. No, not this one above with that smart-ass smouldering look. This one ....


Be still my heart. A Justin Bieber without a moustache. A Justin Bieber without any tattoos. A Justin Bieber without his ears pierced. Just a sweet, innocent toddler Justin Bieber with a baby smile and a teddy bear.

Thank you, Justin. This is exactly what we all needed to remember what it is we love about you. And now I know exactly why Selena keeps getting back together with you. You know exactly how and when to reel her back in.

What do you think of Justin's throwback pic?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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