Kendra Wilkinson Finally Admits the Truth About Her & Hank Baskett

Kendra WilkinsonIf it's difficult to tell what's going on with Kendra Wilkinson and her supposedly cheating husband, Hank Baskett, well, that's because Kendra sounds like she doesn't have a clue either. In an exclusive in-depth interview with Giuliana Rancic, Kendra bounces back and forth between sounding like she doesn't think Hank really cheated with a transsexual, to blaming it all on herself, to admitting the two don't sleep in the same bed anymore.


Kendra starts out the interview saying, "I know for a fact he's not gay," and then goes on to question the story of the transsexual model, Ava Sabrina London, saying that at first Ava claimed she had had sex multiple times with Hank -- but later changing her story to say that she had just grabbed Hank's "you know what." 

"That's not sex!" Kendra declares. Hmm. Splitting hairs.

For Kendra to still not know what happened is bad. At least Dean McDermott came clean. Therapists say when there's cheating, you've got to be willing to answer all your spouse's questions so that the person can learn to trust again.

Unfortunately, this doesn't sound like what is going on with Kendra and Hank. In fact, Kendra has said that Hank is still denying the entire thing -- which doesn't make a lot of sense. If he says it never happened, and Kendra believes him, then what is all of this drama about? And don't people usually issue a denial when they're accused of something they didn't do? Why hasn't Hank done that?

Kendra then goes into the typical female thing of blaming herself, saying she hadn't been paying attention to Hank's emotional needs while she was pregnant. When Hank would come to her with a problem, she admits she would say, "Do you see this pregnant ass? Get over it." Which is a little insensitive but no reason to cheat!

Kendra also says she'll spend the rest of her life trying to figure out what happened, rather than spend "one night single." Which sounds exhausting. And what's so terrible about being single?

I will hand it to Hank that he sounds like he's being a hands-on Dad. Kendra says he's doing a lot to help with the kids -- and that would be difficult thing to give up for one mistake (if it was one).

But then the biggest clue that Kendra might believe Ava Sabrina more than she's letting on -- she admits that the two aren't living together, saying that Hank has his own place. "We cannot sleep in the same bed right now. It's not right yet."

And then, oddly, she says she's not sure if the two will stay together -- though five minutes earlier, she said the exact opposite. If this whole thing is fake, Kendra doesn't seem to have memorized the script very well.

The first thing Hank needs to do is come clean about what happened. He can't keep Kendra in this state of utter confusion. It's not fair to her. Or me!

Do you think he did it?


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