Lady Gaga Stops Concert to Chastise Her Squabbling Fans (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga may go by the moniker Mother Monster, but she really practiced some motherly ways recently at a concert in Antwerp. The colorful singer is on the European leg of her ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball tour, and it seems the fans in Belgium got a little too rowdy for her taste.

Gaga threw her neon jacket into the crowd, but the concertgoers got a little overexcited about the prospect of taking it home, so of course a fight ensued. I mean, what was she expecting, really?


Instead of letting security deal with it, Gaga stopped what she was doing and addressed the ruckus. "Careful -- don't fight," she warned. The Little Monsters apparently didn't stop fighting over the coveted article of clothing, so she demanded it back!

She all but wagged her finger at them, before motioning for them to return the jacket. "Hey, hey," she said. "Give it back." It took a second for them to realize she was serious, but her sternness won out after a couple seconds of stunned silence and gasps from the crowd, and they passed it back.

Gaga handed it over to a backup dancer and explained to the crowd, "If you're going to fight, you don't get to keep it ... here we practice love."

She really does, because she went back over to the group by the stage that had been fighting and reassured them by blowing a kiss and saying, "And don't worry, I still love you."

Wowza! Anyone else having flashbacks to when your parents were taking you somewhere fun, and you were fighting with your siblings in the backseat, and then your mom or dad would turn around and say, "Quiet down back there or I'm turning this car around!"? Because this is exactly like that.


Do you think Lady Gaga did the right thing demanding the jacket back?


Image via Lady Gaga/Instagram

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