Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Sure Look Like They're Getting Back Together

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Inneresting. So, you know how Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart broke up after the pop star allegedly caught her man cheating with a transsexual? Well, apparently, that wasn't enough to sever all ties with the couple, because, so say reports, JLo is taking Casper on a vacation. According to the pillar of all things true, In Touch magazine, Jennifer has decided to go on a getaway "in the tropics" with her ex-boyfriend and her 6-year-old twins, Max and Emme, whom Casper apparently is still close with. A source said, "Jennifer wanted to go somewhere where they could just relax in private with the kids ... [and] Casper is totally into the idea."

Noooo. Really? Casper is "into the idea" of taking a baller vacay with one of the most beautiful, richest women in the world. Color me shocked!


If the gossip is to be believed, there aren't any bad feelings between the couple and Jennifer and Casper are still "really comfortable around each other." Thus far, there haven't been any "they're getting back together" rumors, but being that the pair is going on a tropical getaway together, I can't imagine there won't be. I mean, who takes a vacation with their recent ex "just as friends"?

Not long after Casper Instagrammed a sweet "Happy Birthday" message to his "beautiful lil bear" JLo in July, the two started talking again. He actually was seen driving her car in August -- and now a trip together? What do I know, but this certainly smells like a reconciliation to me.

If Jennifer is able to get past the cheating and give Casper a second chance, that's awfully nice of her. But I certainly would err on the side of caution if I were her. You know how the old saying goes: Once a cheater ...

Then again, there's always the chance that Casper never cheated on Jennifer in the first place and it was all just gossip. I could see that, too, but where there's smoke, there's typically fire. Just sayin'.

What do you think of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart getting back together (if they, you know, are)?


Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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