Hunky Benedict Cumberbatch Simply Can't Pronounce This Simple Word (VIDEO)

benedict cumberbatch

Have you heard? Sherlock Holmes, the most intelligent, snarky, brilliant, quick-witted, sharp, gifted man in all of literature, can't seem to pronounce the word "penguin." Well, at least the actor who plays him, that is. In a viral video that's making the hilarious rounds on Reddit, much to the delight of fans of the series Sherlock as well as lovely, high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes, Benedict Cumberbatch struggles to pronounce "penguin" when narrating a documentary. It's 20 seconds of pure delight and weirdness that will just make your damn day.

Whoever thought to put together this video might have just out-witted Sherlock. Is it even possible? What would Watson say?

The clip was taken from the 2009 BBC Two documentary that Cumberbatch narrated about wildlife, like royal penguins, on the South Pacific islands.

Oh man, what will he do when interviews for Penguins of Madagascar begin?


Check it out:

Gotta love the helpful captions to go along with Cumberbatch's oh so dreamy, sultry, seductive vocal tones.

But yes, the fact remains he still can't say the word "penguin."

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This really shouldn't be so funny. And those penguins are ridiculously cute.

Maybe the dude was just drunk? We have seen it (on screen and in real life) before.



Considering fans of Sherlock are very familiar with the impressive, lengthy, wordy monologues the main character delivers while using his impressive "deduction" skills, let's just hope no penguin gets kidnapped or murdered in season 4. Doomed by a flightless bird, who would have ever guessed? Moriarty will be pleased to know this information.

It's okay, rest easy, Benedict is still one of the most amazing, good-looking actors on the planet. Oh man, that was just too much fun. What a happy little gift before the weekend. Hope you enjoyed it!

Are there any words that, for the life of you, you simply cannot pronounce?


Image via BBC

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