Nobody Wants to Be Kate Middleton -- Um, Why Not?!

kate middleton

What the what?! According to a new poll, no one wants to be Kate Middleton -- and I quote -- "not even for a day." A new survey published in Newsweek Europe found that 89 percent of women have zero interest in trading places with the Duchess, despite her being, well, the Duchess. And, perhaps more surprising, the survey also found that only 6 percent of the men surveyed would want to be married to Kate or dating Kate.

I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused here! Is her hair too shiny? Her mansion too big? Her vacations too indulgent? Her husband too affable and powerful? Her son too adorable? Who in their right mind wouldn't want to trade places with Middleton (or date her) just for a day?!


I get that being in the public eye comes with extreme scrutiny and pressure to look and be and say everything perfect -- and I can't blame anyone for not wanting that to be their life. But the amount of people who wouldn't want to be the Duchess is a little surprising. Eighty-nine percent. That's a lot of people who don't want to be Kate.

Not surprising, though? The fact that the survey also found that Prince Harry is the public's favorite royal. Duh. What, with his cheeky grin, boyish good looks, and general air of joviality, how could he not be? Queen Elizabeth is apparently the public's second favorite royal, followed by Kate and William in third and fourth. Man, the Duke and Duchess are really not getting a lot of love from their people.

I certainly wouldn't wish to be in Kate's place right now, as she's evidently barfing her brains out in some impeccably clean toilet in Kensington Palace, but I wouldn't have a problem taking a stab at being her for 24 hours another time. Though, if given the choice, I might opt for hanging out with Harry for the day over being the Duchess. I mean, it's Prince Harry, you guys!

Would you ever want to trade places with Kate? Why or why not?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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