Kim Kardashian Bares Her Breasts AGAIN ... but We Can't Look Away (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestIf it's one thing Kim Kardashian loves to do it's show us her boobs. I mean, when she's not busy showing off her internationally famous rear end, that is. Not that we can necessarily blame her -- with T&A that defy gravity and basically all the laws of physics -- why not have a little fun showing it off?

If you got it, flaunt it, right? That definitely seems to be Kim's mantra. Or maybe it's her husband Kanye West who puts her up to wearing all these wardrobe-malfunction-waiting-to-happen dresses? Because the one she stepped out in Thursday night for Paris Fashion Week is about to have any number of body parts about to to pop out.


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star appears to be wearing a very short, high-waisted skirt, a tailored tuxedo jacket, and nothing else. The jacket doesn't even button. How is this outfit even happening?

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Lots of double-stick tape, that's how.

Well, it's certainly a very different look from the very structured white number she wore earlier in the day, when she was attacked on the red carpet. If she'd been wearing the number when that nutball Vitalii Sediuk had tried to knock her down ... well, we would've gotten an eye-full, that's for sure.

Where do you think Kim's shirt went?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram & KCS Presse/Splash News

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