Creepy New 'Gone Girl' Scene & Soundtrack Promise Major Chills (VIDEO)

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As if the eerie promos for Gone Girl weren't disturbing enough, now you can hear Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ Gone Girl soundtrack in full! Not only that, a brand-new scene has come out from the film as well. So if you want to go into your weekend giving your spouse a lot of side-eye, now's the perfect time!

This is the third time Reznor and Ross and director David Fincher got together to make a soundtrack; the first two were for The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Obviously, Gone Girl has a completely different vibe, but Reznor, Ross, and Fincher have certainly upped the unsettling factor, showing there's a lot more to the facade of the perfect suburban couple.

Then, for a visual companion, be sure to check out the newest scene released as well, when Amy (Rosamund Pike) meets Nick (Ben Affleck). Of course, it starts off well -- but little do they know what their future marriage has in store for them!


Check it out:

You can kind of hear the creepy soundtrack in the background, and now you have some context! You're welcome!

Their initial meeting seems all sweet and cute and flirty -- with Nick using his Sherlock-like deduction skills to figure out what Amy does for a living -- but there's also a darkness and graininess beneath their exchange. The music definitely helps in that regard, so this may be the soundtrack to listen to before checking out the movie itself.

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The soundtrack itself starts out, as NPR describes it, as "gentle, New Age-esque." But then it transforms into something far more sinister. NPR goes on to report, "Ambient beauties like 'Appearances' materialize along the way, while the piano-led 'Just Like You' might be Reznor's most beautiful and fragile melody to date. But when the piano becomes submerged in electronic noise -- as in 'Secrets,' 'Still Gone,' and the thunderous 'Consummation' -- the duo's motives become more evident. Reznor and Ross relish being at their most beauteous, knowing that it'll make the brutal moments of Gone Girl all the more harrowing."

All in all? It's a really badass soundtrack for what should be a really badass film. From the rumors and reports, it seems like even fans of Gillian Flynn's novel, who know all the twists and turns, will be shocked as well.

Gone Girl comes out on October 3, 2014.

Did you listen to the soundtrack? What did you think?


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