Kim Kardashian Is Hiding a Dirty Little Secret From Kanye West

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Yikes. This is beginning to remind me of a really bad movie. It looks as though Kim Kardashian has gotten a secret cellphone behind Kanye West’s back because she is sick of his snooping.

In fact, the 33-year-old celebrity is so tired of her husband questioning her every move that she's beginning to distance herself in a very scary way.

(Can you blame her? Gah.)


According to RadarOnline, a source close to the couple says that their "total honesty policy" has gone a little too far, as Kanye supposedly checks Kim's phone suspiciously every night. The insider said:

Kim never thought he'd check it every single night. She insists she's got nothing to hide, but she's just sick of him questioning who she's talking to.

Oh girl, you're in DANGER. While there's nothing wrong with a married couple sharing email passwords or bank PIN numbers with each other (like I do with my husband), if your boo is looking for suspicious texts every day, that means he has no trust in you.

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Simply put, Kim is an adult and Kanye is treating her like a child. Everyone needs their space, and it seems like Kim can't even breathe around her man. Plus, this shows that he totally doesn't respect her or her word, and that right there could totally break their marriage in the long run.

I mean, it's pretty pathetic that Kim was forced to get a cellphone without telling him. (Can you even imagine?)

Ugh, this does not look good for their marriage at all. Yeezus take the wheel indeed!

Do you think Kanye has any reason to keep tabs on Kim?

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