'Lazy' Kate Middleton Has Genius Revenge for Rude Camilla Parker-Bowles

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It's a royal rumble! Well, maybe. So, you know how a few weeks ago it was reported (everywhere) that Camilla Parker-Bowles called Kate Middleton lazy for cancelling her trip to Malta, as she evidently doesn't think the Duchess' morning sickness is nearly as bad as she's making it out to be? (Yeah, I agree. Rude.) Well, now it's being reported (by the Globe, so this definitely could be nothing more than a made-up rumor) that Kate, offended by Camilla's nasty comments, is "banning" Prince Charles' wife from the family.

You may be older and wiser, Camilla. But you don't mess with a future Queen of England. Or a pregnant lady!


Over the years, there have been mixed reports about the relationship between Camilla and Kate. Before she and William wed, numerous outlets claimed that the women were getting along quite well. There was even a time when Kate and Camilla went out to lunch together, supposedly to discuss wedding plans. But, after Kate officially became part of the royal family, the gossip (naturally) started, saying that Camilla, as well as other royals, were upset by the amount of media coverage Kate got. One recent report even claims that Camilla and Princess Eugenie have taken to talking smack behind the Duchess' back. "They don’t like the fact that this ‘commoner’ has come into their family and is stealing all the attention," a source said. "Plus, they’ve been going around behind her back, commenting on how all she’s good for is breeding and birthing more heirs to the throne."

Again, it's impossible to know what's fact from fiction, but if there's any truth to these rumors, it would probably be wise for Camilla to tread lightly. She may not be fond of Kate and her "lazy" decision to stay at home and barf her brains out in the privacy of her Kensington Palace toilet instead of in Malta, but the reality is Kate is extremely well-liked by the public and she does have a lot of power. If she wants to "ban" Camilla from her family, she very well could. And if Camilla's keen on getting media attention, she probably wants to stay in Kate's inner circle. There's no better way to get your photo taken than if you're seen with Kate.

kate middleton

Do you think there's any truth to this rumor?

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