Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Terrifies 'Modern Family' Star Eric Stonestreet (VIDEO)

Ellen DeGeneres, Eric Stonestreet

You're welcome, Internet. I know you're going to want to thank me for sharing this video clip with you, because I have wasted at least the last nine minutes or so watching it three times, and I'm still cracking up.

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet has quite the history with The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In appearances past, Ellen has pranked him fiercely, with scary clowns or people dressed as dogs coming out of nowhere to surprise him and scare the crap out of him.


The Emmy winner made another appearance on Wednesday, September 24, but this time he came prepared. Stonestreet, 43, brought his buddies Paul and Stacy to act as bodyguards.

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"[They’re] here to have my back today, Ellen," he warned the host. "You know, I thought we were friends. You proved the last few times you and your production staff don’t give two cents about me or my underwear because I about crapped them the last time I was here."

He then sent his friends backstage to "create a perimeter" and shout a warning if they saw any suspicious would-be attackers.

It didn't help, Ellen DeGeneres is my hero, and I am still laughing. Enjoy!

Do you think Eric Stonestreet will ever go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show again?


Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube

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