Outrageous Sexual Assault Joke Included in 'Simpsons/Family Guy' Special

Simpsons Family Guy CrossoverWho doesn't love a good sexual assault joke? Um, no one. No one should love jokes about a person being raped or otherwise sexually violated. Or physically assaulted at all. Just. Not. Funny. Ever.

Shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy have been pushing the envelope for decades when it comes to propriety, so some inappropriateness should be expected for an upcoming crossover episode this Sunday, but the writers have taken things way too far by making baby Stewie tell a rape joke.


Just a reminder -- rape jokes aren't funny.

In a preview for the highly anticipated crossover, Bart Simpson teaches Stewie Griffin how to make a prank call. Bart calls Moe's Tavern and asks if there's anyone there with the last name Keybum, first name Lee. Moe of course asks his customers if there's a "leaky bum" among them, and it's hilarious potty humor.

Stewie then wants a try, so he calls back and says, "Hello, Moe? Your sister's being raped."

Uh ...

Neither Fox nor Simpsons creator Matt Groening have responded to the criticism over the inclusion of the highly insensitive joke, but Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane recently told Entertainment Weekly that he predicted media attacks over the inclusion of the joke. "But in context," he said, "it's pretty funny."

The Parents Television Council doesn't think so, and has asked Fox to edit out the joke. Tim Winter, the president of the advocacy group said he was "blown out of [his] shoes" when he saw the preview. "It really troubled me," he said. He argues that when rape becomes a punchline, "it becomes less outrageous in real life."

While I'm usually not much of a prude when it comes to some forms of crass humor, I have to agree that joking about sexual violence is just wrong.

Do you think this rape joke is out of line, or are people overreacting?


Image via E3 '14/YouTube

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