Amber Rose Divorcing Wiz Khalifa After Just 1 Year

For Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, one year of marriage is one year too many. The model and actress, who hit the scene after being romanced by Kanye West, filed for divorce from Khalifa this week and is seeking full custody of their 1-year-son Sebastian. They've cited irreconcilable differences as the reason they've parted ways.

Folks are saying their split is the opposite of amicable, which may have everything to do with one party's alleged cheating.


Rumor has it Amber has been stepping out with Nick Cannon, who signed her to his management company NCredible Entertainment and has reportedly scored her a TV series and book deal.

Not a bad way to be wooed.

We've also seen photos of Cannon being super cute around Amber's son and treating him like a little prince. It's possible the America's Got Talent host is just being a nice guy, but I guess time will tell whether they hook up once her split with Khalifa is official.

Things may not have ended on a sweet note, but the good news is that the boxing gloves likely won't come off because this couple was smart enough to sign a prenup. And while we constantly hear about celebs who whine about their prenup as if they're not getting tons of money out of the deal, it sounds like this is a fair one since neither party is contesting it.

Amber and Wiz met and began dating in 2011 after he gave an interview in which he named Amber as the one woman in the world he'd like to be with. She then sent him a tweet thanking him for the compliment and says they ended up falling in love. 

Sigh, what a difference a few years makes.

Are you surprised Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa divorced so soon?


Image via C Flanigan/Getty Images

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