Kendra Wilkinson Drops Shocker in 1st Interview Since Cheating Scandal

Kendra WilkinsonWow. Kendra Wilkinson has given her first interview since the cheating scandal involving her husband, Hank Baskett, broke. We've heard all the rumors -- Kendra flushed her rings down the toilet; Kendra kicked Hank out of the house; Kendra called lawyers; they're back together, etc. -- now we get to hear from Kendra herself as to what is going on. And it's a bit of a shocker. First, Kendra told People exactly how she found out the news ... you can be sure it wasn't from Hank.


Kendra told the magazine that it was her manager that called and told the former Playboy playmate that there was a rumor floating around that Hank had hooked up with a transsexual model while Kendra was pregnant.

Hank happened to be right there, so Kendra asked him if anything had happened. Hank, naturally, denied the whole thing. But 24 hours later, the story hit the tabs, and Kendra's belief in her husband's denial began to wane.

At this point, producers of her show, Kendra on Top, who had been filming, asked if she wanted them to stop. But Kendra said she couldn't be alone -- so film away! Odd how reality stars consider company to be someone with a camera in their face, but whatevahs.

But the big shocker is that Hank -- despite much evidence to the contrary -- apparently continues to deny that the whole thing happened. Never mind that the transsexual, Ava Sabrina London, has myriad details of their encounter, and supposedly has a phone recording of Hank calling and begging her not to reveal what happened, plus video of a Jeep similar to Hank's pulling up to her apartment. Never mind that Kendra herself must believe on some level or she wouldn't be so completely devastated.

Poor Kendra. On the one hand, someone is claiming, with lots of back-up, that she had a sexual encounter with her husband. On the other, that husband, whom she loves and trusts, is saying it's all bosh. Whom to believe? But all Kendra will say is "I really don't know what to believe."

Yikes. That sucks. At least if you know, you can make decisions for yourself and deal with the issue.

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If Hank did it, he'd be better off just fessing up like Dean McDermott did and working hard on himself and the marriage. Otherwise, something like that is just bound to happen again. A woman can forgive a cheating episode, but continual lying? That's much harder to deal with.

Whom do you believe?


Image via Kendra_Wilkinson_Baskett/Instagram

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