'Little People, Big World' Stars Dish About Their 'Amazing' Wedding & Plans for Kids

Jeremy Roloff, Audrey Botti

In case you missed it, Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff married the girl of his dreams over the weekend. He tied the knot with Audrey Mirabella Botti in an "amazing" ceremony at his family's Oregon ranch on Saturday, after more than three years of dating.

Us Weekly caught up with the couple the day after the wedding, and according to the newlyweds, everything was absolutely perfect. Or, as Botti, 23, exclaimed when asked what her favorite part of it all was, "Everything was a highlight!"


Awww! Roloff, 24, was quick to agree. "It was an amazing party," he said. "It was incredible. We ended up getting to bed at like 3 a.m. or something."

The couple wed at the Roloff family farm on September 20, and the groom said the location "made perfect sense."

"Honestly, it never even crossed my mind to get married anywhere else," he explained. "It's just the most beautiful place in Oregon. And it made perfect sense with my history. We had our first dance on the same lawn where I used to play soccer and catch moles as a kid. It's just really cool."

The couple couldn't wait to gush about that first dance either. "We were having a ball!" Roloff said. "We were spinning and talking about the day, the people ... it was just nice. It felt like it was our chance to stand in the center and observe everything." The bride agreed: "We were trying to lock it all in. It was like, 'Okay, we've got to remember this -- we're already on our first dance! Everything's going by so fast.'"

They also really appreciated that Jeremy's parents got along well for the event. Matt and Amy Roloff announced their separation last March (the reality stars have four children together -- Jeremy and his twin brother Zach, daughter Molly, 21, and son Jacob, 17).

"It meant a lot," said Jeremy. "And then they sat next to each other all night and got along really well. Once again, they were enjoying the glue that brought them together, which is us kids. I think when they get to soak in that and relish in that glue again, it almost erases a lot of problems and a lot of misunderstandings. So it was really cool to watch them sit and experience that the night of the wedding."

And you know what the first question for any newlywed is -- kids? It turns out they both want a big family! I guess they never heard the advice that you should always wait to have at least one before answering the question of how many you want, but hey, newlyweds are dreamy by definition, right?

"As far as kids go, I have always wanted to have a big family and a lot of kids," Botti shared. "Jer is one of four, so I'd at least want four. But maybe even more than that. I would be very much open to it if it would work financially, but we shall see." 

"Ideally, five kids on the farm," her man added.

"Yeah, that would be the dream," she acquiesced. "Five kids on the farm, running around." 

Be sure to tune into the couple's wedding special, which will air on TLC on September 30 at 10 p.m.

Do you think this couple is cute as a button?


Image via Audrey Roloff/Facebook

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