Miley Cyrus' Latest Instagram Post May Be a Sad Cry for Help

Miley Cyrus

Is Miley Cyrus feeling a bit lovelorn these days? The singer shared a doodle on Instagram Tuesday morning, and we couldn't help but be drawn in by the drawing of an adorable weepy alien.

This sad little hand-drawn space guy is depicted complete with tears streaming down his (her?) face and a heart with a crack through it. All around the figure there are thought bubbles, each depicting a sad, sad sentiment like, "why does love make me cry" and "will I ever be happy again."


We are weeping for this doodle! No doodle should ever be so sad. Miley captioned it, "early a.m. drawin," which clearly does not do justice to the level of desperation this particular martian is feeling.

Have you ever seen a sadder doodle?

But could it really be a form of art therapy for Miley to project her own feelings of lost love? I mean, this alien is saying some pretty heavy things, like, "I can build spaceships, but I can't move on," and, "I must go. I will miss yiew," and, "gravity has nothing to do with me falling for you," and, "what are these wet, salty drops coming from my eyes."

This may be the saddest we've been for Miley since her dog died. Poor girl. We're not too-too worried about her though ... soon after, she posted another alien figure, and this one apparently loves bubbles.

Looks like Miley is probably just fine after all.

Do you think Miley's sad alien doodle has a deeper meaning?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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