This May Be Proof Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant With Baby Number 2

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It isn't exactly uncommon to open your laptop, turn on your TV, or walk by a newsstand and hear some rumor or another about Kim Kardashian. The reality star is a gossip staple, so it's probably wise to take most of what we hear about her with a grain of salt. However. There are times when the talk is hard to ignore. And this rumor claiming Kim is pregnant with baby number two? There's too much weird evidence suggesting it really may be true. Kim and Kourtney pregnant at the same time? Oh, I'm not convinced the world can handle that. Take cover, everyone.


According to Star magazine (I know, guys, but bear with me), in the beginning of the summer, Kim talked to her friends non-stop about trying to get pregnant again. But then all of a sudden, recently, she stopped. Radio silence on Kim's end supposedly. And that right there is why her friends think she and Kanye are probably expecting again. "Over the last couple of weeks, she hasn't talked about trying to get pregnant nearly as much as she did earlier this summer," a source said. "It's not like her, and everyone in her inner circle believes the reason she's not constantly talking about wanting to get pregnant is because she is pregnant ... She definitely has a pregnancy glow about her."

Now, normally, I would roll my eyes at this sort of thing. Every day a new celebrity is pregnant. But the fact that A) this source isn't saying, "Kim is pregnant" but instead stating that she abruptly stopped talking about another baby, and B) Kim said she and Kanye were trying during a recent interview leads me to believe that she really might be pregnant right now. Yes, Kim is an open book, but celebrities don't typically tell the world they're trying unless they were already successful at trying (looking at you, Kelly Clarkson and Kristin Cavallari).

If there were some sort of Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant or Not? roulette table in Vegas, I'd fly over there and put all of my money on "pregnant." Mark my words, people. In a few weeks or months, we're going to hear the official announcement. Or, you know, whenever Keeping Up With the Kardashians starts airing again.

Do you think Kim is pregnant?


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