Ariana Grande Drops Bombshell About Nude Photo Leak

Ariana Grande

In case you've been living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan and haven't noticed, a lot of celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked, and their nude photos (which apparently you HAVE to have if you're a celebrity) leaked online. Stars who were hacked include Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard, Amber Rose, Avril Lavigne, Hope Solo, and Jennifer Lawrence. Oh, and let's not forget Ariana Grande. Photos purporting to show Ariana naked as a jaybird (and sporting quite a tan line) popped up everywhere. Ariana denied they were her. Suuuuure, Ariana. But now she has something more to say about it. Something totally unexpected.


The pint-sized vocal powerhouse reiterated to a TMZ cameraman that the photos are not of her:

That's not my room, that's not my cats, that's not my belly button ring, that's not my hair, that's not my profile.

Previously, she said her "l'il ass is a lot cuter than that" -- a reference to the mysterious lady's somewhat flat behind.

But Ariana also had something shocking to say. Not only are those photos not her, she claims, but ... listen to this ... she claims she doesn't take any nude photos. EVER.

Spittake, WHUT?! A young, hot, famous female without nude selfies? What is the world coming to? Ariana told TMZ:

I don't take pictures like that. I swear I don't. I promise.

Wow. Could this make Ariana the smartest young star on the planet? Could be, my friends, could be.

As for the girl in the photos -- the girl Ariana swears wasn't her -- she says, "At least it wasn't me." Now there's empathy!

If this is true, does it mean some of the other leaked photos are fake too? Hell, if naked photos of me got leaked online, I'd just say they were fake. Especially if my ass looked flat. (On the other hand, if the photos looked awesome, I'd be coy about it. Whaaaa, me? Nude photos??)

Check out Ariana's denial. Do you believe her?


Image via TMZ

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