Kate Middleton Reportedly Pregnant With Twin Girls ... Again

Kate Middleton

Given that it's been a couple weeks since we learned she's expecting baby number two, it almost seems crazy that it took this long for a rumor to pop up saying Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls.

Yep. She's not even into her second trimester yet, and somehow Kate and Prince William have managed to learn not only that they have more than one royal baby on the way, but that they'll be welcoming two little princesses in the spring.

Did I mention they've already named them? (Duh. Of course they have.)


Supposedly they're planning on calling them Elizabeth and Margaret, in honor of Wills' dear old Granny and her late sister. (Aww.)

And while the thought of them having twins is definitely worth fantasizing about, something tells me we probably shouldn't go getting too attached to Lizzie and Maggie just yet.

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Um, this isn't exactly the first time that Kate has been "pregnant" with two buns in the oven, as these same kind of rumors have surrounded her pretty much since the day she married Prince William. It's almost like some people just can't stand the thought of her not popping out twins, in particular two pint-sized versions of her fabulous self.

And honestly, can you blame folks for being a little excited over the possibility of Kate going from a mom of one to a mom of three in a matter of months? Prince George would no doubt be delighted with two little sisters to play with as he gets older, and let's be honest, their hypothetical wardrobe alone is enough to daydream about.

But for now, let's go ahead and assume that this story is totally false and that there's only one royal baby on the way. 

(Until next week, of course.)

Do you think there is any chance that Kate is expecting twins?


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