Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Expected Back Together Any Day Now

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

Even though plenty of us saw her split from French Montana coming from a mile away, no one really expects Khloe Kardashian to take back Lamar Odom. He basically broke her heart into a million pieces, what with his alleged cheating and drug use.

They might not be officially divorced yet, but ever since Khloe filed the papers (like a gazillion years ago), it's been pretty obvious that she's ready to close the book on that chapter of her life and start over.


And that's why a report suggesting that Khloe and Lamar are considering getting back together is truly disturbing and kind of a major letdown.

Yes, you read that right. According to Hollywood Life, Khloe and Lamar are talking all the time, and it looks as though a reconciliation might just be in the works.

A source claims:

Most importantly for Khloe, she wants to know how Lamar's doing physically and mentally and that's the biggest reason why she talks to him and has been even after she filed for divorce. Unlike French, Lamar was her world. Her life. It wasn't easy letting go of him and now that he's healthy and looking good and gaming her up, she's getting weak and all those feelings are coming back to life.

Um, seriously?!? She's "getting weak" and her feelings for Lamar are "coming back to life"?

Please, for the love of GOD, let's hope this is nothing more than a crazy rumor; otherwise, Khloe is really setting herself up for a huge disappointment.

Ugh. I don't care how much Lamar appears to have cleaned up his act. Things between them will never be the same again, because the whole "forgive and forget" concept can't exactly erase the past.

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She's spent so many months on end trying to legally divorce herself from this man, and if she does break down and give him one last chance? OMG. He's never going to let her sever ties with him ... like EVER.

If she takes him back once and things don't work out, odds are good he'll simply give her time to cool off in the hopes that she'll come crawling back to him again, which could wind up being a vicious cycle that never comes to an end.

The best thing she can do for herself right now is to ignore Lamar completely in the hopes that he'll get the message and finally sign the divorce papers so she can get on with her life. And another thing, he's certainly not helping himself by hanging onto the marriage. Let's just hope he comes to his senses once and for all.

Do you think Lamar deserves one more chance?


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