Prince William Hints at How Hard Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Has Been

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Recently, Prince William went to Malta in Kate Middleton's stead, due to the Duchess' terrible morning sickness. The Duke, assumingly awesome husband that he is, didn't want to disappoint anyone by canceling the royal trip, but he also wanted to let his pregnant wife get the rest she desperately needs right now. Only, it's doubtful that Kate Middleton is getting much rest right now. If Prince William's comments in Malta about their son, Prince George, are to be taken seriously -- poor Kate! The woman's got her hands full right now.


When Malta’s president, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, told William that she hoped Prince George would be able to come visit soon, the future king joked, "Malta might not survive Prince George. There’s too many precious things around here."

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Clearly, Wills was just making a joke about how insane toddlers can be (the little prince is 14 months old), but he certainly makes a good case for feeling (even more) bad for Kate right now. Sure, she has help with her son, but being pregnant with a just-walking toddler isn't fun, no matter how much help you have -- and being pregnant with a just-walking toddler while feeling like you have to throw up every minute? Sounds awful!

Kate obviously wasn't in the position to fly to Malta to make her appearances, and it was incredibly sweet of William to take her place -- not every woman is blessed with flexibility like that. But she certainly shouldn't be chastised for "being lazy" right now (I'm looking at you, Camilla). She may currently be in the comfort of Kensington Palace, but there isn't a chance on Earth that she's kicking back and gorging on Saltines and reality TV right now when she's got a toddler at home with her.

Do you think Kate was "being lazy" by not going to Malta?


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