Nicolas Cage Opens Up About Some of His Bizarre Roles in Rare Interview

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has made some really fantastic movies -- and some not so great ones. But one thing he rarely does is open up in interviews, instead preferring to keep the focus on his craft rather than his personal life.

But the Oscar winner made an exception recently with Britain's The Times Magazine and admitted how he really feels about his critics, why he has taken some of the odd risks he has in his career, and what his secret ambition is.


From roles in critically acclaimed films like 1995's Leaving Las Vegas to blink-and-you-missed-it flops like 2011's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, there's no doubt that the 50-year-old has made some pretty wide-ranging career choices.

"I'm proud of the chances I've taken. They haven't all worked, but I had a concept and I've pushed for it," he explained. "It's probably annoyed a lot of critics and a lot of people who didn't get in step with it, but I'm proud I did it. Tolstoy said something to the effect of, it doesn’t matter whether the response you get is love or hatred, because you’ve created an effect. What's not worthwhile is when it sits there and people forget about it. But whether people love it or hate it, at least you’ve done something. That gives me some solace.”

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He also made the surprising confession about how he really feels about his critics. "I care about what people think of me," he admitted. "Some of the snarky comments people make can get under my skin. I can be a bit of a broken record at home when I read the things that are said about me. But I have to just stop belaboring these things and let it go rather than complaining to my wife all the time."

That would be his third wife, Alice Kim. They tied the knot in 2004 and have an 8-year-old son named Kal-El. Cage also has another son, 23-year-old Weston Coppola Cage, with ex Christina Fulton.

It's hard to imagine that the actor gives a flying flip about what people think of him considering that he named his son Kal-El. That's sort of the epitome of I'm awesome and I know it-ness, isn't it?

Anyway, Cage also shared why he rarely chooses to give personal interviews. He said, "There used to be a mystique and romance surrounding actors ... But now people are more interested in their lives than their performances. It's not about what they do on camera, but what I would describe as their dirty laundry. I've had my share of that."

Francis Ford Coppola's nephew is still extremely dedicated to his craft, even after almost four decades in the business. It's hard not to get jaded about anything after nearly 40 years, but Cage tries to bring fresh authenticity to each role he takes one.

"Every time I start a movie, I want to vomit," he shared. "I really care. I don't want it to seem like I'm acting, I don't want it to look fake. Even if I'm doing a movie where I'm in some sort of supernatural situation, I'm still going to approach it with the same commitment and quest for authenticity. And that may look ridiculous. But, to me, what’s important is that I didn't fake it."

And what would he be doing if he weren't creating onscreen magic? "Something completely different. The ocean attracts me. If I wasn't an actor, and if both my boys were grown up, I would probably enjoy a life at sea. Maybe a fisherman," he said.

Are you surprised to hear that Nicolas Cage lets his critics get under his skin?


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