Taylor Swift Surprised 35 of Her Fans With Homemade Cookies & '1989' Party

Taylor Swift

Have we established yet that Taylor Swift is basically perfect? I mean, aside from the occasional passive aggressive song that may or may not be about Katy Perry. But this girl knows how to treat her fans.

Like the listening session she hosted at her Los Angeles home on Saturday. Tay Tay invited 35 of her most loyal fans to her humble abode over the weekend for a private listening session to her upcoming album 1989.


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A number of fans were handpicked by Taylor Nation and told to meet at a church. Once there, they were checked by security and then transported to the singer's house. Can you imagine the shock and awe that must've been going on in that crowd? They had NO idea they were going to be served homemade cookies by their idol and hear her sing along to every single song of her unreleased album.

She made them cookies, you guys.

Taylor also introduced them to her parents and her cat, Olivia Benson, dished about ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, and shared the meaning behind each track on her yet-to-be-released album. Then she posed for pictures with the fans, let them fondle her Grammys, and told them they could share anything they wanted about the experience except song titles and lyrics.

Take a look at some of the happy tweets from the fans!


Is she the bestest or what? One fan wrote of the experience on Saturday, "They say you should never meet your heroes or idols, because usually you are guaranteed disappointment. But I'm proud to say that taylorswift is one exception to that rule."

Would you die of excitement if your favorite artist invited you to a private listening party?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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