Kendall Jenner Gets Support From Supermodel After Bullying Incident

kendall jennerThe beautiful Kendall Jenner has been making her mark in the modeling world, most recently she walked the runway during Fashion Week, It was during that time that she was reportedly bullied by other models who put cigarettes out in her drink. Disgusting. And cruel.

But one supermodel has shown great support for Kendall -- it's just the kind of camaraderie a young model needs.


That's Alessandra Ambrosio, most famous for her work with Victoria's Secret. Alessandra posted this pic with the caption: "With the beautiful @kendalljenner #backstage at the @bottegaveneta show #milanfashionweek !"

This is exactly the kind of support Kendall needed after being bullied. I love that Alessandra posted this. I really hope there aren't any more incidents for Kendall. Whatever happened seemed to happen out of jealousy. Some feel the Kardashian sister's rise in the modeling industry is thanks to her famous family. But she sure walks the runway beautifully and designers are hiring her. Let's wish her the best.

What do you think of Alessandra showing support for Kendall?


Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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