Prince William Calls Daddy Duty 'Hectic'

prince william george kateOur favorite royal couple is expecting baby number two, and poor Kate Middleton has been experiencing quite the bout of morning sickness. I can relate -- I had that all day long when I was pregnant. So of course Prince William being the prince that he is has stepped up his daddy duty to give Kate a break until she starts to feel better.

He's also stepping in for her other Princess duties as well.


Kate was supposed to visit the Agenzija Appogg Youth Club in Malta to speak with students, but had to cancel because she wasn't feeling very well. Prince William stepped in for her and that's when he met 17-year-old Janet Desira who was studying child care. "You can come and do some babysitting for me," the Prince told her. "He's busy. They're very hectic at that age." Prince George is now 14 months old. And he's just started pulling himself up and walking so that's when things really do start to get more hectic.

When Mama is sick, it's all on Daddy, and that seems to be exactly the kind of pressure William is feeling right now. Who are we kidding? When Mama is sick, Mama is still doing just about everything. Except flying to Malta, I suppose.

But are you sensing a little bit of stress when the Prince noted right away that he could use a babysitter? I think we can all sympathize. Feel better, Kate! Hang in there, William.

Do you think Kate and William have a lot of hired help? Or do they seem like hands-on parents?


Image via Splash News

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