16 Celebrities Who Have Been Spotted as Ghosts

16 Celebrities Who Have Been Spotted as Ghosts
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Heath Ledger
Mumble Media/Robert Wallace/Splash News

Over the years, there have been numerous claims of celebrity ghost sightings. Maybe these spiritual lingerings are in part due to these celebs' larger-than-life personalities or their immense talent that just needs to live on, but some of these ghostly encounters are much freakier (and harder to dismiss) than others.

People have been spotting the ghosts of singer Elvis Presley and beloved rapper Tupac Shakur for decades now. Maybe it's a simply a sign that it's hard for fans to let these talented stars go -- or maybe their immense talents and gifts really were big enough to transcend the worlds of the living and the dead. 

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They are actors, musicians, comedians, activists, and even geniuses in their own rights -- many whom we lost much too soon and all of whom we will never forget. Some say their spirits still walk within the places where they lived, others say their ghosts remain in the places where they died, and some have come back with an important message from beyond.  

Check out our list of 16 wild celebrity ghosts sightings. Clearly, their films, music, and legacies aren't the only thing they've left with us. 

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