Mama June & Sugar Bear Ditch Their 'Commitment' Rings After Split (PHOTOS)

Mama June, Sugar BearJust hours after Mama June Shannon and Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson announced they were seperating, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo clan continued filming for their hit reality show. I'm sure that won't boost the ratings at all (sarc).

Hey, the show must go on, right? But the rings must come off. Both Mama June and Sugar Bear were spotted without their rings on Friday September 19.


While not legally married, the two had a wedding in 2013, and celebrated a commitment ceremony rather than a legal exchanging of the vows. Hmmm, do you think Mama knew something was up even back then in terms of whether or not they'd really last as a couple?

Anyway, they may have skipped the piece of paper declaring them husband and wife, but that doesn't mean they didn't exchange rings, which they both appear to have ditched already.

Mama June even appeared to be in good spirits.

Mama June

Sugar Bear didn't look quite so jolly, but was equally ringless. Hard to meet dates from your online dating profile when you're wearing a commitment ring. Sugar Bear

Rings are such a symbol of your attachment to your partner. It's a statement that says you're unavailable -- your life is hitched to another person's. I think the fact that they've taken them off says a lot about their finality as a couple.

Do you think Mama June and Sugar Bear will ever get back together?


Images via Splash News &  Jason Winslow/Splash News

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