Melissa Rivers Reveals Shocking Celebrity Who Sent Condolences for Joan (VIDEO)

Joan RiversJoan Rivers may have been was definitely an acerbic comedian and no one was safe from her zingers -- but that didn't mean she wasn't loved. Her daughter, Melissa, even seems flustered and touched by how much people mourned Joan's unexpected death. In fact, there was at least one very surprising person who sent Melissa his condolences -- somebody who had often found himself on the sharp end of Joan's acid tongue. That person? A little somebody named President Obama.


Melissa joined the cast of Fashion Police for the first time since her mom passed away, and she told how her mom affected so many people, even people "you would never expect to have humor." That's when she dropped the bomb that the White House sent her a letter.

Revealing that "someone who was often a target of her jokes" -- Obama -- sent her a hand-written note saying:

Not only did she make us laugh, she made us think.

Melissa looks stunned by the memory of the letter -- and indeed you do have wonder what Obama was referring to, since Joan often called him "gay" and Michelle a "tranny." She once told a reporter who asked her if there would ever be a gay president:

We already have it with Obama, so let's just calm down. And you know Michelle is trans.

Erm, Obama, are you trying to tell us something?? Hey, maybe our prez just has a sense of humor. This is the guy who appeared on Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns. As for Michelle, she does embarrassing mom dancing with Jimmy Fallon. C'mon, as world leaders go, these two are hilarious.

FP cohost Kelly Osbourne, who is clearly devastated, goes on to say that she owes Joan everything for who she is:

Any outspoken woman couldn't be who they are if it wasn't for women like Joan paving the way.

I think one thing her death showed is that people are not as sensitive as we like to believe. Sure, Joan calling Adele "fat" or North West "ugly" wasn't exactly classy, but that's not what comedians are about. They are the people in our society who are allowed to say whatever they want, allowed to speak their truth, because they can make us laugh too.

So it's nice to see that Obama and Michelle didn't take that whole gay tranny thing too seriously. Besides, if Clinton can be the first black president, why can't Obama can be the first gay one?

Image via joanrivers/Instagram

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