Kim Kardashian's So-Called 'Casual' Outfit Is a Little Scary (PHOTO)

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By no means is Kim Kardashian a no-bra, sweatpants, and ponytail kind of gal, but I was under the impression that, despite always being gussied up, she knew what the definition of "casual" was. I was wrong. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently posted a photo of herself to Instagram, along with the hashtag "#casual," and, well, I'd like to know who else would classify this outfit as so. Kim certainly isn't as dressed-up as she normally is, what with her extension-free, wind-blown hair, but sorry, honey, this isn't casual.

You guys, I think Kim is moving further and further from reality every day and I'm scared. Check out her relaxed, super laid-back outfit. You know you wore something similar to bed last night.


On the one hand, I sort of get where Kim got "casual" from -- her outfit isn't quite as fancy-pants as it normally is and the way she's tousling her hair gives off a casual vibe -- but still. No. She looks drop-dead gorgeous, as usual, but this isn't something most people would ever throw on to run to the store or pick up the kids from school, which is basically how one can define "casual."

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Oh, Kim. Is it weird to say that I kind of can't imagine a world without you anymore? Every day you bless us with something delightful and new.

"Casual." Ha. I love you, girl. Please, don't ever change.

Do you think Kim's outfit is casual?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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