Kate Middleton Debuts Tiny Baby Bump & She's Already Being Shamed

kate middleton

Despite the fact that Kate Middleton just peed on a stick, the world is already on Royal Baby Bump Watch Part Deux. Since the palace made the announcement, the Duchess has, more or less, been in hiding, due to the fact that she's suffering from extreme morning sickness yet again this pregnancy. But, a few days ago, Kate debuted her baby bump, if you will, when she emerged for a casual outing with Prince William.


Being that the Duchess is barely out of her first trimester and has spent the last few weeks, well, barfing her brains out, it isn't surprising that her bump is practically non-existent (though if you look hard enough, you can see an itty-bitty belly -- aww). So, why on earth are there headlines out there that question whether or not the "pin thin" Duchess is "too skinny" right now? (I'm looking at you, Radar Online.) I mean, seriously? We're doing this already?

The Duchess is a thin woman to begin with (whether you think she's "too skinny" or not is your issue, not hers), so it doesn't come as a shock that she isn't walking around right now looking like she's ready to pop. She's probably around eight or nine weeks at this point -- and again, there's the whole hyperemesis gravidarum thing. Does anyone look especially plump after not being able to keep anything down for weeks?

No doubt, Kate Middleton is going to be scrutinized throughout her entire pregnancy, as she was the first time around. But can we at least not make accusatory, shaming statements such as "she looks too thin" that insinuate she's putting vanity first? From everything we've heard, the health of her baby, and herself, are of the utmost importance to the Duchess right now. Please, let's not make it seem otherwise.

What do you think of comments that say that the Duchess is too thin, etc.?


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