Kendra Wilkinson Says 'There's No Hope' for Her & Husband Hank Baskett (VIDEO)

Kendra Wilkinson

It's getting close to that time, y'all. Close to that time that Kendra on Top premieres and we can finally see what the hell happened between those two! But we're still a couple of weeks away (premieres October 3), so until then, we've got preview clips to tide us over. The latest preview continues in the same dramatic fashion that the first one did, with Kendra Wilkinson seemingly discovering that her husband, Hank Baskett, had cheated on her with a transsexual while she was eight months pregnant.


In this clip, Kendra is seen crying hysterically and collapsing into the arms of her friend. "My whole life just flipped upside down," she says. Then, "Oh my god, paparazzi!" (If this show is anything like Tori Spelling's, it will be painfully clear that the paps were tipped off to Kendra's whereabouts.)

"It was the ultimate betrayal," a voice booms, as Kendra wails, "I feel there's no hope," and is seen leaning precariously against a wall, eyes squeezed shut.

It's all pretty dramatic and shocking up until you hear Hank say, "I didn't do anything."

Maybe he's just uncomfortable talking about sex with transsexuals in front of a camera (just guessing), but something about the way he talks sounds super stilted. Almost like, gasp, he's acting. Or trying to.

I'm sure this show will get just as many questions about its authenticity as Tori's did, and who knows the lengths people will go to to keep their jobs -- but, really? Would Hank agree to go along with this fake plot point?

Kendra tells Hank that nobody believes him -- and she sounds a bit stilted too. Maybe the pair are just less comfortable airing their very dirty laundry than Tori and Dean were. Kendra asks him if he thought about his family while he cheated. (The answer is no, Kendra.)

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Although the two are supposedly reconciled for the time being, sources keep telling mags that Kendra will never take him back.

Cheating with a transsexual is never good for your marriage, but it remains to be seen if it's good for ratings.


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