Waka Flocka Flame Offers Seth Rogen Job You Didn't Know You Wanted

seth rogen

WHOA. EVERYONE. OMG. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING. This breaking news definitely calls for caps lock. You just won't believe it!! It will change your freakin' lives. Seth Rogen has been hired as Waka Flocka Flame's "official blunt roller." It's true. It's okay, take a deep breath. If you applied, we apologize for breaking this news to you in such a way. It was such an in-demand, highly respected position, and the competition was fierce. Figures it would go to a famous celebrity who is most likely high in 99 percent of his interviews anyway.

It does sound like a pretty great job, right? Roll some blunts for a celebrity and get paid for it? Actually, the salary Waka offered is probably more than most of us make in a year ... so no wonder folks around the world were showing off their rolling skillz.


A few days ago, Waka posted this to his Instagram:

$50K a year? Not too shabby, right?

Quite a few people posted photos to show why they would be the best candidate. Considering this could be the job of the century, there were quite a few stipulations involved, with a lot of red tape and background checks and profiling and exhaustive questioning and what not.

Just kidding:

This piqued Seth's attention and he had to apply, obviously.

With the caption "HIRED," it became official. Seth got the job.

Lucky bastard.

Waka, as well as his manager, Brick Bronson, sent The Huffington Post a statement in case you didn't think this was actually official:

From Waka:
"Waka Flocka and 36Brickhouse will no longer be accepting applicants for the specified job listing for 'Personal Blunt Roller,' as Seth Rogen has been hired to fill this position. His experience both on and off camera has earned this funnyman a slot with squad, eh.#icanROLL"

From Brick Bronson, Waka's Manager:
"Waka Flocka has since hired Seth Rogen, however, if he doesn't adhere to his day-to-day responsibilities, I'll fire him and hire James Franco." #bound"

Well ...... that's kind of the entire story. Waka had a job available. Seth applied. Seth got the job. Now he'll get paid an extra $50K on top of the millions he earns making movies, all to roll the blunts for Waka Flocka Flame. This is the world we live in. Go ahead. Soak it up.



Image via sethrogen/Instagram

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